A trip of a life time at Kosi Bay!

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This past Easter we were fortunate to spend a week at Kosi House. We were joined by two other couples, old friends of ours. We were lucky to have great weather and were able to spend plenty of time out on the lakes fishing and relaxing.

One of the highlights of our holiday was a day spent at Bhanga Nek. From our launch site on the lake “Bhanga” is just a 10 minute boat ride directly across 3rd Lake to the sand dunes separating the lake from the sea. For a small cash fee we left our boats on the lake shore under the watchful eye of one of the free-lance boat guards there and began the walk over the dune to the sea.6

It’s a fairly easy 15 to 20 minute walk along sand roads to the beach. It’s not very steep and even the children handled it with ease. The walk takes you past several campsites and there were local ladies selling baskets and other curios close to the lake side of the road.

The beach at Bhanga Nek is stunning – a wide curve of gorgeous white sand which, even during the busy season, makes you feel a bit like you are lost in paradise. On the far right of the beach are the huts and shacks housing the Kzn Wildlife turtle research team.

These dedicated rangers patrol the beaches during the turtle breeding season recording the movements of the female turtles who return to these beaches year after year to lay their eggs. The hatchlings are also counted and marked so that they can be identified should they make it back to this same stretch of beach later in life to lay eggs of their own one day.

Although the sea conditions at Bhanga Nek are not ideal for swimming, it is not dangerous. It is wonderful to have a refreshing salt water swim and the kids even managed a bit of snorkelling although the water was a little too rough for great visibility. Some of our party decided to try their luck fishing with light spinning tackle and had lots of fun landing several fish including Kingfish, Wave Garrick and Garfish.

We lay on the beautiful white sand soaking up the warm rays of the sun occasionally cooling off in the refreshing ocean waves. We carried a cooler of snacks and drinks over the dune with us and although it was a bit of a heavy burden it was well worth it and was significantly lighter on the return trip! Should we do this trip again I think we may consider hiring a porter or two to help carry some of the heavier stuff!kosi-bay-lakes-kosi

When staying at Kosi House you have the wonderful feeling of being in the heart of the bush. Spending time on the lakes with their abundant wildlife and fishing is a unique experience but if, like me, your first love is the beach with its sand, sea and salty breezes then a day trip to Bhanga Nek is an ideal way to have the best of both worlds.

We returned to Kosi House after our day at the beach sun kissed, salty, sandy and happy; all too ready to light a fire and enjoy our sundowners listening to the quintessential bush sounds of the cicadas, bush babies and nightjars.